Talented composer Jean-Sebastien Robitaille, who has built an enviable reputation within the industry, offers original music composition/production, scoring, arrangements, orchestration, songwriting and jingle composition.  He has earned prestigious awards and nominations throughout his prolific career. Passionate and attentive to detail, JSR surrounds himself with the very best professionals in the industry. Renowned singers, musicians, sound designers and engineers join him to create a unique sound that combines groove and soul with that evasive magic that comes from perfect symbiosis between each element of a piece of art.


Need a song for a film, a documentary, a TV show or a video game? Your at the right place! JSR loves composing great songs especially suited for your production needs. With fast turnaround, great production skills and a great understanding of  the different media types, JS will work with the team to craft the right emotion, space and style for your project.


Want to target the right audience with the right tune? JSR will work with your team to compose the best memorable song for your new campaign. With Jean-Sébastien’s extensive experience and attention to details, you can rely on him to get the extra “I don’t know what” that will make your ad stand out. Always on time for delivery, you will love working with JS.


Our studio offers state of the art technology set in an environment that nurtures creativity, to provide an ambiance that will charm you! Whether in Stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound, you will benefit from the highest standards in audio quality and exceptional listening experience, which only a high-end studio can provide. Equipped with a recording booth that has a unique and modern sound, we capture extraordinary performances every time!

True masters of their craft, our experienced sound engineers and mixers have an incomparable handle on state of the art technology and equipment. They have developed an exceptional ability to combine subtle with essential, creating a stunning three-dimensional sound, every time! Whether you are producing a commercial, a video game or an audiobook, JSR’s team will be happy to make it happen!