Sand Wars

Sand Wars PosterJSR just finished scoring a shock documentary from award-winning French director Denis Delestrac: Sand Wars, an investigation documentary which was awarded the Best International Film Award at the Eko Film 2013 Festival in Prague. This investigation documentary has been selected in many major festivals worldwide and is airing all over the world through PBS International and its partners, attracting record audiences while unveiling a new gold rush and a disturbing fact: the “SAND WARS” have begun.





Sand Wars(Theme)

City of Dubai 

Solutions Emerging





endgame[1]JSR picks up three licenses for Endgame, a drama series developed and produced by Thunderbird Films, for his electronic jazz-infused downtempo music in the new Showcase original TV series Endgame – Canada’s great new detective TV series.





Cloaked in Iceland

In a Hurry

Terre d’acceuil 30 ans plus tard

v13882t6ijw[1]Teaming up with guitar player Michel Héroux, JSR scores this documentary about, nearly 250 children from foreign countries that were taken in by families in Quebec, making them pioneers of international adoption. 30 years later, Terre d’accueil brought eight of these now grownup children together to sum up their experience.

In this adopted land where they have put down roots, many now hope to have their own children to combine the dual nature of their own identity in a single person.


Ambiance 01

Ambiance 02

Ambiance 03

Ambiance 04



JSR scores Roxy’s season 2

Roxy Try to match with Roxy and she’s likely to knock you off your feet with her razor-sharp wit and her knack for the lightning comeback. Hailing from a small town, she goes off to seek her fortune in the big city. In search of strong sensations and…Eric, her illusory Prince Charming, she most especially wants to get out from under the wing of her overbearing mother Paulette. So she uses a little white lie to make her escape and leave small town life behind. Funny and refreshing, Roxy takes us along on her quest for happiness through situations that are unexpected, to say the least.You can take the girl out of the small town, but can you ever really take the small town out of the girl? JSR scores season 2 of this comedy.

Blueberry Cakes (Robitaille/Lanthier)

Who I Am (Robitaille/Lanthier)

I Wish (Robitaille/Lanthier)

Andy (Robitaille/Lanthier)

No Comprendo (Robitaille)


Pendant ce temps, devant la télé…

m_acc[1]Jean-Sébastien Robitaille scores the comedy Pendant ce temps, devant la télé… which depicts with a caustic sense of humor the real and imaginary lives of four young adults running side by side, intermixing the ups and downs of their daily lives with spoofs of TV shows and infomercials. JSR’s biggest challenge was to create false TV show themes, false ads and false identifications of all kinds on top of the series’ own score… at the speed of light!


French More, make up ad

TV station #1, Identification

TV station #2, Identification

TV station #3, Identification

Mégane, girls TV show – theme

Haut les Mains, boys TV show – theme

Flexi, horror movie thriller

Georgious Pitoune, hair spay ad

Fuse Meurtriere, Another horror thriller but this time, it’s about a killer fart.

Here is a sample from the prentended reality show Matche toé:

Matche toé ça presse