Pendant ce temps, devant la télé…

m_acc[1]Jean-Sébastien Robitaille scores the comedy Pendant ce temps, devant la télé… which depicts with a caustic sense of humor the real and imaginary lives of four young adults running side by side, intermixing the ups and downs of their daily lives with spoofs of TV shows and infomercials. JSR’s biggest challenge was to create false TV show themes, false ads and false identifications of all kinds on top of the series’ own score… at the speed of light!


French More, make up ad

TV station #1, Identification

TV station #2, Identification

TV station #3, Identification

Mégane, girls TV show – theme

Haut les Mains, boys TV show – theme

Flexi, horror movie thriller

Georgious Pitoune, hair spay ad

Fuse Meurtriere, Another horror thriller but this time, it’s about a killer fart.

Here is a sample from the prentended reality show Matche toé:

Matche toé ça presse