Ma vie en cinémascope

101446_poster_1 MVECJean-Sébastien coécrit la trame musicale de ce long-métrage primé à cinq reprises, basé sur la vie de la première star du Québec, la célèbre chanteuse canadienne-française Alys Robi. Écoutez quelques unes de ces œuvres :




In the Airplane

Does anyone suffer from depression?

The Statue of Maria

The Bath

Her Life in a Minute

Riot in the Asylum

Sand Wars

Sand Wars PosterJSR just finished scoring a shock documentary from award-winning French director Denis Delestrac: Sand Wars, an investigation documentary which was awarded the Best International Film Award at the Eko Film 2013 Festival in Prague. This investigation documentary has been selected in many major festivals worldwide and is airing all over the world through PBS International and its partners, attracting record audiences while unveiling a new gold rush and a disturbing fact: the “SAND WARS” have begun.





Sand Wars(Theme)

City of Dubai 

Solutions Emerging